111/365 Koala Collection


My co-worker (and good friend) Vikki has a Koala collection on her desk. She has collected Koalas for at least twenty years. The ones she has at work are a small sample of what she has at home. Whenever I see a Koala I think of her.

110/365 iPhone Lens


Today I am showing off my pill collection. This was taken with my iPhone. I am finding my iPhone has become my most used camera. It is always with me and able to capture a really great photo most of the time. Now, if I can just get rid of my daily pills…

109/365 Kit Lens


This is my dog Poppy. She smiled real pretty for me today so I could show you my kit lens. This lens was on the camera when I bought it. It is good for very basic shots and some wide angle stuff. I use this lens the least of all my lenses.

108/365 Zoom Lens


For this butterfly shot I used my 55-200mm 1:4-5:6 zoom lens. I use this lens when I want to get nature shots without scaring away the creatures. I got this lens free when I got my camera as a package deal. I love this lens and have used it more than any other lens.



I realized I have a bit of a glass collection. This is a photo of my hutch taken with my wide angle lens. I like my 35mm. It allows a lot more light in, and opens up wide enough to get some good landscape photos.



This week our group is doing collections. The only thing I collect is camera lenses. So today I took a picture with my macro lens. I love this caterpillar I found in my yard. It looks like he is getting ready to take off and fly but hasn’t gotten his wings yet.

105/365 Stone Mill


This is a neighborhood sign. I like the diamonds, circles, and rectangles.

104/365 The shape of my heart


Fourteen years ago, this beautiful baby boy was placed in my arms after 36 hours of labor. He was only there a moment… then whisked away from me. The next time I saw him he was under a breathing mask struggling to breath. Tubes came out of his body in various places.
The doctors explained to me that he wasn’t getting enough oxygen. His lungs were not developed. The next morning I went to check on him and they were getting him ready to go on a helicoptor to another hospital who could handle his breathing issues better.
It was a week before he could be in my arms again. Today, he is 14 and from the sounds of cheering in his room it sounds as if he is getting his first girlfriend too…. He is a momma’s boy through and through… and he is the shape of my heart. Happy Birthday Caleb!

103/365 Carpet at the movie theatre


It has a lot of shapes. Seeing hunger games now.

102/365 Stop!


Octogon Shape!