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122/365 Frogcycle


So today on my way home I noticed this cute frog riding his bike on their lawn. I thought he was so cute!!! I took my camera and walked down the road to their house only to find them out in the backyard!!!!!!!!
I tried to sneak a shot so I didn’t look too much like a stalker. I ended up with this shot, which is out of focus and a bit dark. I ran all the way home, embarrassed

121/365 Empty Wheelchair


Five and a half years ago my daughter was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Chondrosarcoma. There is no cure, only surgery removing the top part of her hip bone would take care of it. She spent quite a bit a time in a wheelchair. Then, this past winter my husband suffered three strokes. This left him numb on one side of his body that he continues to recover from. He still doesn’t have all the feeling back in his side. Thankfully, in both cases we have been left with an empty wheelchair. Our bodies heal and recover and I am grateful that we had the wheelchair temporarily in both cases… but I am also thankful they were not a permanent piece of our lives.



This week my group is focusing on Wheels. This is our van’s steering wheel.

118/365 Guitar


This is a shot of my daughters guitar. She got it several years ago. It is missing a string, but she loves it and will play it again once we can get the string fixed.

117/365 NFL Draft


My son is all dressed up in his Redskin gear ready to watch the NFL draft. He is a HUGE fan and we are so excited to be picking Robert Griffin III this year. It’s time for a Redskins turn around.

116/365 Relaxing


This is a typical view for me in the evenings. I got my feet up and I am relaxing while watching TV.

115/365 Rose


The Roses on my rose bushes in front of my house have finally opened up. They will be around until fall. I really love tending to them and they greet me every day.

114/365 Doing Dishes


My kids bless me every night. With my commute I am gone from my house from 6 am until 6:30 pm. This simple act takes a lot of pressure from me and allows me to enjoy my evening and get my photo of the day put up. Thanks kids!!!



Today we had a rare treat of Sunday dinner at my mom’s house. The dinner was really fantastic and a good time was had by all.

112/365 Lens Collection


All week I have been taking photos with my different camera lenses. I thought I would show you all of them up close. The ones in the back are my macro and zoom lenses, the ones up front are my kit and wide angle lenses.