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I heart feet!

I was doing a maternity shoot for this woman and her family. I noticed they were all barefoot and in bluejeans, and I couldn’t resist getting a shot of their feet. It turned out to be a favorite! I especially love dad’s tattoos of all the Cowboy’s jersey numbers. It personalizes the photo.

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I heart big laughs

It has been awhile since I have felt comfortable enough to enter a contest. In fact, I took this photo today and felt it matched the theme at I heart faces well enough to go ahead and enter it. Please click on the photo to see it in its full clarity. Thanks!

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Do you Need a Hero?

Even though I have teenagers, I still love to go through the papers they write. Today I found an Essay Elisa had to complete for her 11th grade English Class. She had to write about her hero. This is what she wrote:

“A comic book hero is easily and immediately depicted as the muscular super human in tights. A real life hero is not as simple to pick out in a crowd, but they make the greatest difference in one’s life. My sister, Ambriel is that kind of hero. Her attitude, leadership, and courage make her an amazing role model and friend.

Ambriel has a very uplifting view on life and brightens everyone’s mood. This trait is beneficial to all who come in contact with her. My sister does her best to do her part for her community, like babysitting and local mission trips. She is also very modest about her achievements. This opitimisim, chastity, generosity make her an admirable hero.

Leadership is an ideal trait for a hero and my sister possesses it. Her Colorguard team has even chosen her to lead the new recruits. This isn’t a job to give just anyone, it’s a job that only a true leader can handle. She takes pride in her leadership and has the skills and traits to do it. Ambriel has the ability to lead and this makes her a true hero.

Hero’s are known for their bravery and courage. Ambriel has shown the most courage in the darkest point of her life. At the beginning of fifth grade, my sister was diagnosed with a rare cancer in her pelvis, called Chondrosarcoma. This cancer doesn’t respond to chemotherapy so my sister was lucky enough to keep her hair. Through the surgery, she proved to be brave and kept her spirits up the best she could. She learned to walk all over again and never complained once. Ambriel’s bravery has proven her to be admirable and extremely courageous in spite of her age.

Ambriel will always be my hero but her modesty will prevent her from admitting it or boasting about it. She’s certainly not a superhuman in tights, but she’s still a hero, and always will be. It may be difficult to tell by a glance but my sister is the bravest, optimistic leader I’ve ever had the fortune to meet.

I couldn’t agree more. As we come to the five year anniversary of Ambriel’s diagnosis, I am so proud to have the reminder to look for the everyday hero’s in our lives. Who is your hero and why?

JP and Anna Engagement

A friend and co-worker asked me to do her wedding photos. I told her I would be happy to do them and suggested doing an engagement photo shoot. This is a sneak peek of that shoot. Congratulations JP and Anna. I wish you many years of happiness for you both and your beautiful children.

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Fix it Friday 08/05/2011

Today I used Lightroom to edit the photo. I am using the trial basis and have downloaded some free presets for it. Here is the original:


I cropped the image and used the “Auto Tone” preset. I then applied “PH Surreal Moment”. Here is my final:

Thoughts or suggestions?

Props Photo Challenge

Today’s Photo Challenge is “Prop’s. My daughter is in color guard and loves it. She just made flag team leader and I wanted to capture the moment. I took this of her right after her first practice. Be sure to go to the link above to see more fantastic entries.


Look Ma! No Hands!

Tonight I practiced a new type of Photography called Panning. It is a very difficult type of photography to accomplish. I finally got my settings right and got the photos below:

and the smile on this one is priceless!!




Silhouette Photos

Tonight was the longest day of the year. So I took full advantage of it by taking some Silhouette Photos. I am super happy with the way they turned out. What do you think?

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Let’s Hear it for the boys…

I chose this photo because it is a great representation of an activity that fathers and son’s enjoy together. It is also a reminder of all our forefathers did for us and for our freedom.  Click the Button at the top of the page to see more incredible entries.