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Landscape Photos

I have posted some amazing landscape photos from my trip to Lake Michigan. Click the picture to go visit my gallery and leave comments on the individual pictures. I hope you enjoy my work. I had fun taking them.


Silhouette Photos

Tonight was the longest day of the year. So I took full advantage of it by taking some Silhouette Photos. I am super happy with the way they turned out. What do you think?

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The Statue in front of the Roanoke VA Civic Center

Golden Plants

Stay Beautiful!

This photo was taken by my 14 yr old. She also wrote the text. Great job Ambii!

Looking for Food

This was the start of one of the neatest set of photos I got. This bird was looking for food.

Natural Curtains

Bleu Birdie

This Bird allowed me to get within 20 feet before it flew away. Such a pretty blue bird. Anyone know what kind it is?

Virginia Ivy, Your such a creeper!

Morning Dew on Grass