Who am I?

I have always loved photography. From the first camera I ever owned. Capturing those moments that you will never forget is so important. I have always strove to do the best I could from my little point and shoot camera to the Nikon D3100 I currently own. It is so important to capture those natural moments that you can’t get again.

TACET stands for my family and the first letter of our names, Tina, Ambriel, Caleb, Elisa, Todd. My husband Todd and I came up with it on our honeymoon. Then we looked it up and got this definition:

Tacet-(on a musical score) a direction indicating that a particular instrument or singer does not take part in a movement or part of a movement.

My husband and I have always been known to think or be different than everyone else. Thus the name fit and stuck.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ above all else. He is the Savior of my heart. I am grateful he has given me the talent to see the beauty he has made in you. Let me capture that beauty for you.

To go to my portofolio please click here.

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