Hurricane Irene

Here is what is going on in Spotsylvania Virginia. Soon I will have a slideshow attached for the latest updates later.

11:00 AM- Cloudy, partially breezy

11:15 AM- sprinkling, no breeze

11:30 AM- wind has picked up somewhat, raining

11:45 AM- Rain has picked up somewhat. Windier as well

12:00 PM-Partially breezy, still slightly raining. Feel like I am getting spit on.

12:15 PM- sprinkling, wind a little stronger now

12:30 PM- calm, sprinkling

12:45 PM- some wind, not much. sprinkling.

1:00 PM- Gusts of wind occasional, still some sprinkling. Radar says it is nearly here.

1:15 PM- Heavy Rains, Wind has picked up. I think Irene has arrived

1:30PM – Rains subsided. wind blowing gently

1:45 PM- Sprinkling, Breezy. Gutter leaking occasionally. So far I am very dissapointed in all the hype.

2:00 PM- Same stuff, even forgot to update it was so boring.

2:15 PM- More rain… surprise surprise. Wind gusts

2:30PM- Rains heavier, Wind gusts have picked up.

2:45 PM- No change, forgot to take a picture

3:00 PM- News reporting total rainfall one inch. Winds kinda picking up. Just a dreary day.

3:15 PM- Trees are still swaying back and forth, and still sprinkles. Bored.

3:30- No change

3:45 PM- Wind and Rain have intensified sort of.

4:00 PM-More heavy rain, husband in a bad mood, kids avoiding him in their rooms, what a dreary day.

4:15 PM- Guess What??? Still raining.

4:30: PM- The hurricane has killed two people, one in a vehicle when a tree came down, another was a child in NewPort News when a tree fell on his apt. Here, the winds are gusting harder and the rain is harder too.

4:45PM Its raining in sheets now… wow.

5:00PM- We are getting action. I would be scared to go out in this mess!

5:11 PM- Lights are starting to flicker

5:30 PM- Wind is still high, but rains have let up a little.

5:45 PM- Strong Winds continue

6:00- Sounds like thumping on the house.

6:15 Periods of heavy rain and lots of wind

6:30 PM- Electricity is flickering, lightning spotted.

6:45 PM- Still windy, raining

7:00 PM- same

7:15 PM done with dinner, still rainy and windy.

7:30 PM- still raining, windy. Reports of down trees and power lines all over the county. So far, we have kept our power.

7:45 PM- I am bored outta my mind in the house. Getting darker outside. Itchin for pictures of down trees and power lines. I hate being stuck indoors.

8:00 PM- Darker outside, still raining. Radar shows we are on the very edge of the storm.



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