Living here on the Atlantic side of the United States, beach visits always meant waking up early to capture a great sunrise. I was so excited this past week to go to the Michigan side of Lake Michigan because it meant that I got to watch the sunsets. This was the first one I captured on the South Haven pier. My camera battery died after this…to my horror. I went back a few nights later and got some really great photos I will share later.


4 responses to “Sunsets

  1. I think there is a little to much detail lost in this image, perhaps a little to much clipping, and I find it to be a little soft. Composition could be adjusted and spacing might want to be rethought. Over all it achieves its goal of being peaceful but could be improved.

  2. I agree with everything you said Tobias. I just wish I had more battery juice to get a better photo.

  3. I can understand that logic entirely. I hate feeling rushed, however I always do. I so rarely have the time to actually compose a good shot.

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