Photo Challenge- Water

This week’s challenge at “I Heart Faces” is water. Having just had a family reunion on the beaches of Lake Michigan, I had lots of Β “water” photos. The photo that I chose is my favorite. We have to remember that water can be clean, but it can be even more fun when it can be messy…


4 responses to “Photo Challenge- Water

  1. I’m just glad this week’s challenge wasn’t “cows” with a similar pic. πŸ˜› I used to love playing in the sand like that; back when I wasn’t concerned about getting sunburned.

    If looking for input, I’d remind you of the rule of 3s and suggest giving back her piggies. πŸ˜‰

  2. yea, this was a quick shot and didn’t realize her feet were missing until after I looked at the picture, and then she was gone down the beach lol.

  3. A good crop would probably fix it… but then I lose some of the sand. What are your thoughts to fix it?

  4. It pretty much is what it is; I wouldn’t change a thing. Capturing moments isn’t always all that easy. Practice makes perfect (or closer anyway), and imperfect pictures make great memories. πŸ™‚

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