Fix it Friday 07012011


Here is the original photo:

Using Photo explosion, I made the following edits:

1. Auto adjusted the levels

2. Made a duplicate background and added a soft light

3. Added a yellow filter and put the opacity at 56%

Please comment with your thought, good or bad I can only get better by your critiques. Thanks!


5 responses to “Fix it Friday 07012011

  1. Auto adjust? Yeah.
    Manual adjust? Maybe.
    Soft light? Not sure.
    Yellow? No way, but that’s me. 😉
    A little sharpening, maybe.
    Remove the girl and just leave her hand coming out of the grass. How cool would that be? 😛

  2. You don’t say. 😐

  3. LOL I didn’t realize you wanted a response haha. I did actually crop it with just a hand coming out of the grass… Looked strange!

  4. One sided conversations aren’t any fun. :mrgreen:

  5. I will remember that Mr. Parkour!

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