Psychic Dreams…

The air is thick all around me. I am driving my car down a forlorn highway. I feel the sun shining down through the windshield onto my face. I look in my rearview mirror and I see my cousin’s beautiful face staring back at me. I smile. I wish I had remembered to wear sunscreen. My face is getting pink. The air conditioner sure feels good today! The earth passing by me on either side is brown and dotted with bushes of all sizes. I am in a hurry to get to where I need to go. The music and the sun are slowly lulling me into a daze….

OMG! THERE IS A HOUSE RIGHT IN MY PATH!!!! I can’t stop. I hit the brakes but they don’t work….. I feel the car lurch as it flies through the front wall of the house. I see a blur of ceramic crashing around me and people jumping out of my way. I keep trying to stop but my foot goes to the floor when I slam on the brakes. Loud screams pierce the air. I crash through another wall, then another. My eyes are barely adjusting to the dark when suddenly I crash through the back wall and light fills my eyes blinding me.

Finally I feel the car stop. I am blind. I can’t see. I feel wetness around my feet. I close my eyes. I feel like I am floating. The water begins to tickle my thighs and I start laughing hysterically. I can’t open my eyes. I wonder if this is what it feels like to float on a cloud. It hurts to breathe. Cold fingers begin to grasp at my lungs. I open my eyes. I see bright lights again, but the world is blurry. Wait. Why is the water around my neck? Where am I? What happened. Eyes, focus. Focus now!!! I struggle to move but my legs are pinned under the steering wheel. My arms refuse to move no matter how much I try to move them. Focus eyes! Focus! Then with a wave comprehension I finally see a diving board. The water is over my mouth. I am in the family pool! I lift my head above the water knowing I am taking my very last breath...

I sit up. I hear someone screaming. I look around, I see my own bedroom. My face is wet with tears. My hair is drenched with sweat. I wish whoever was screaming would shut up. Wait. I am the one screaming. My heart is pounding. Where is my cousin? Is she okay? I am only ten years old, what can I do? I run to my mom’s bedroom door and begin knocking. I only hear snoring. I knock harder. Snores. A faint cough. I take both of my fists and begin banging. I have to save my cousin. She is dying somewhere. I hear whispers. Good. My mom opens the door and hugs me and asks me what is wrong. I tell her that we have to save my cousin. We have to save her now.  She tells me there is nothing wrong with my cousin. I insist she calls her. She says she will, but she will wait until morning. I look at the clock. It is 3:00 AM. My mom persuades me to go back to bed. I try, but that dream is so real. I start sobbing. I worry about my cousin. I worry so much that she is dying and no one cares. No one cares but me. I comfort myself that it is night-time and the events in my dream occurred when it was daytime.

Finally the clock turns to 6 am. I still haven’t slept. I bang on my mom’s door to wake her up. She comes stumbling out, groggy eyed. I convince her to call my cousin. She picks up the phone and each number she dials is like a punch in my gut. She gets all seven numbers dialed and it seems like forever. Is anyone going to answer? Oh my god, no one is answering. Suddenly her voice breaks the silence. “Hello…. Sorry it’s so early” I am already preparing myself. My cousin is dead. She is gone. We lost her.

My mom’s voice brings me out of my stupor “She had a terrible dream and I know its silly but she thinks her cousin is hurt or something.” she chuckles “Well good. I am glad to hear that. Sleeping soundly in her bed. That is great. I will let her know that everything is fine.” With those words I begin to feel a warmth in my toes and very slowly it moves up my legs, licking my knees, and thighs…She is okay. She is okay. She is alive, and even better, sleeping! Oh Joy! I run around my moms legs. I am so happy. She is gonna be okay!!!! I go back to bed and sleep soundly.

I thought about that dream over the next two days. I couldn’t believe how real it was. Why would I have a dream like that? What would cause me to think about her, when I hadn’t seen her in months? But as the hours and days passed, it slowly became an afterthought. I stopped focusing it. The dream happened on Friday night to Saturday morning. By Sunday afternoon, I was finally letting it go.

Then the phone rang. I heard my mom say “Oh my God! No!” I ran to her and saw her face was ghost white. As person on the other line continued to talk my mother started crying softly. When she got off the phone, she couldn’t hardly talk.

“What momma? What?” I asked over and over. My mom gathered the whole family together. “Its your cousin. She was going down the highway this afternoon. She fell asleep at the wheel. They found her car in a ditch, filled with water….”

That was the first dream I ever had like that. I have had about seven since that first one. I had one last night where I was my best friend. I dreamed that either she or one of her kids are going to be shot with a gun by her neighbor. It was as real as the one I just described.

I went to work today and warned her, but I have found that no matter what I say to the people involved, they listen patiently and politely thinking that it will never happen to them. But it does. Something that was in my dream occurs. It was like with my cousin, she fell asleep at the wheel and went into a ditch. She didn’t go through the house or into a pool, but the result was the same. Thankfully, in my cousin’s case she was rescued. She suffered minor cuts and bruises. She didn’t die.

The dreams scare me. Because they do come true, in some form or fashion. It happens. And it usually happens within the year I dreamed it. Sometimes it happens within weeks or even days. But it happens. It comes true.

I know many people would never believe me, think I am being stupid, think I am just another nut escaped from the nut house. I have even been told that if I trusted and believed in God I wouldn’t have these dreams. I have been called satanic. To them I say that God has been revealing himself to people through dreams since Jacob. I believe God gives me these dreams to warn. To advise. To show His power. These dreams are of God.

Have you ever had a Psychic dream? And if you have, did it come true?


One response to “Psychic Dreams…

  1. I have had them and yes they did come true…sometimes it took me a little bit to figure them out though. Nothing like what you had though, that is scary.

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