Cherry Blossoms 2


2 responses to “Cherry Blossoms 2

  1. Hi T!

    Fabulous photo. I so miss Photo Friday but I’ve taken my own blog offline now as it was taking up way too much of my time. Milo and Alfie still blog though! LOL!

    I visit the CS site from time to time to see how Ambriel is doing ~ but I’m not active there now. So many people I grew close too there, died, and I found it too depressing to visit regularly. I’m still in very regular touch with Elizabeth though ~ we e-mail each other and belong to the same online diet club (I’ve lost 16lb in weight this year since January 1st 2011). I also still keep in touch with your sweet cousin Melanie.

    It was lovely to hear from you!

    Jan x

  2. YAY Jan!

    I am so glad to see you stopped by. I understand about the blog, that is exactly why I stopped. I am glad to have a photo blog. It will mostly get updated on weekends, so come back when you can!

    I also understand about the CS site. I get depressed when those I knew died. It is hard for me to get close. Besides, my baby girl is growing into such a beautiful young lady now. She is almost 6 feet tall like her momma… and I remember the doctors saying she may not grow very tall with all the tumors in her leg. She does color guard and is just..beautiful. I can finally watch her now doing these things without tearing up. At last. That awful C word is rarely in our vocabulary and we are living life at its fullest.

    Please stop back often. We would love to keep in touch.

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